3 Words Exercise

“Your language creates your world.”


At Nitoris Vox, we say that “style speaks” (in fact, “Nitoris Vox” is “Style Speaks” loosely translated from Latin).

However, sometimes it can be confusing or overwhelming to craft a personal style with a cohesive message from all the options out there.

But when we get this aspect of style right, it can make our wardrobes not only fun and expressive, but also a source of relaxation and pleasure. It can be an elevating force in your life, and even help you increase and maximize use of your finances.

Years ago, I read an exercise by an interior designer that I’ve since applied to shaping my own personal style and have shared with many women searching for an accessible way to tackle forming a stronger personal style. It’s now commonly used across several industries to shape and clarify a message, and it’s perfect if you’re you feel overwhelmed by the huge array of fashions available to women, and don’t know how to cut through all the noise to create a cohesive look.

I call it the “Three Words” exercise.

Essentially, the designer said that in order to make sure that every room she designs and decorates feels cohesive, welcoming, and pleasing to the eye, she decides on 3 words that she would like to describe the room, and then filters every decision about that room through those three words. This helps her choose wisely among all the elements available to her to create a room that sends a clear message.

We can do the same thing with our wardrobes. What are the three words that you would most like to describe your personal style? They can be related or dissimilar to each other (frankly, I find that an eclectic grouping produces a much more intriguing style. We’re all multifaceted, and I love seeing this reflected in someone’s personal style).

Once you have your three words, view every article of clothing through the lens of those words. Does it embody at least one of the words? This approach ensures that, over time, you will build a cohesive wardrobe that reflects your tastes, and everything will play nicely with each other.

Once you have your 3 words, you can tweak them until you feel they’re just right, and sometimes, they may even change up completely (I notice this sometimes happens when we come into a new evolution of ourselves or go through major life changes). Driving all your clothing purchases through this filter will refine your style, communicate a cohesive message, result in more impactful wardrobe additions resulting in an elevated look—all while leaving the overwhelm that so often accompanies clothes shopping behind.

If you’re still not sure just how to get started, working with a personal shopper and stylist can drastically shorten the timeline to arriving at a strong 3-word framework as well as cut through the clutter of the fashion world to find the pieces that perfectly convey your style. At Nitoris Vox, we have a systemized approach to applying style tools to create a wardrobe that perfectly flatters you and your body.

What 3 words do you want to define your personal style? I’d love to hear them! Or even better, see them! Share your 3 words in action with the Nitoris Vox community on Instagram! Use the caption to share your 3 words and tag your photo with the hashtag #stylespeaks.

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